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5 Reasons why your child will
succeed with Martial Arts International

#1 Your Child will develop character

A martial artist is defined, not by their skill, but who they are as a person.

We understand that not everyone is as obsessed with martial arts as we are, and there is more to life than how hard you can kick a bag. Through our integrated personal development program your child will be rewarded for doing chores at home and achieving goals at school. Many parents credit our Book Club program for nurturing a deep love of reading in their children.

Before your child can graduate to the next belt level, we require recommendations from both you, their parent, and their school teacher(s). We will hold children back from testing if they do not show respect both at home and at school.

#2 Your child will become proficient in many different arts

We believe every martial art has something valuable to offer your child. They will love the high intensity and fast kicks of taekwondo and the practical ground work of Ju Jitsu.

Hapkido and Aikido will give your child ways to counter a bigger and stronger opponent. Boxing promotes fitness and speed. You child will fall in love with the tradition and complexity of weapons, and the versatility and beauty of Philippine Martial Arts.

#3 Your child will receive world class instruction

Our founder, Master Julius Melegrito, is a world-renowned expert in Philippine Martial Arts. His handpicked team of dedicated and talented instructors gives you one of the best staff-student ratios in the Bellevue and Sarpy County region.

Every martial arts instructor teaches slightly differently, just like every child who attends our school learns in a unique way. During each class, your child will rotate through at least three different instructors, exposing them to a variety of instructional techniques and personalities.

At Martial Arts International, your child can attend as many classes as their given schedule. We do not limit our students on attending and training with us. We believe that strong attendance leads to better attitude and better attitude eventually leads to better ability!

#4 Your child’s safety is our priority

You will often hear us shout “Control!” in our classes. Martial art is safe and fun for your child, but it must be learned correctly and be controlled. Aggressive behaviour is not tolerated.

In the beginning phase of the training, we focus on conditioning the students “mindset”. After a few months of working on basic techniques and strengthening their minds, we then move into conditioning their body even better. We believe that what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. After a few months of building the foundation both mentally and physically, we will then give our students the opportunity to apply the techniques with Light contact sparring as part of our curriculum, When your child reaches this level, they will require full protective equipment including gloves, head gear, chest protector, shin guards and foot guards.

#5 Your child will learn to defend themselves and others

Is your child one of the 49% of children in grades 4–12 who report being bullied at school ? Not only does our curriculum teach your child to respect teachers and peers, we teach them to believe they are worthy of the same respect in return.

Students learn how avoid potentially dangerous situations and how to deescalate confrontations with their words, attitude, and posture. In the real world, the best fight is one that doesn’t happen. If physical confrontation is unavoidable, your child will learn how to quickly and effectively end the fight defending themselves and their friends.

BONUS #6 Your child will have fun!

Yes, this is supposed to be a list of five, but we couldn't leave out
this bonus reason we love to have fun and we know your child will too!

You'll see a lot of smiling faces in our school both from the kids on the mats and the
parents in the viewing area. Kids keep coming to our classes because they want to.

We're family. And we want to be a part of it.

There are honestly countless other benefits kids
get with martial arts.

But rather then tell you about them here,
just listen to what our ‘real’ parents and ‘real’ students
have to say about our program…

“It’s not just a skill or a sports.. it’s an attitude. They learn good character traits and discipline here.

– Allison and Silas Mom “

“The people who worked here [are] hands-on. They care more about the students and how they were doing instead of just passing them on”. 

– Blaze’s Dad –

“My son is autistic and has ADHD… When we first started coming here… he was running around like crazy, grabbing the curtains, and bouncing off the walls.

Now he does really good…. He [sits] crisscross apple sauce with his hands on his knees and waits for the instructors”.

– Nathan’s Mom –

“I’ve see her come out of her shell…she’s a litte more
outgoing and a lot more self-confident”.

– Kayla’s Mom –

“It’s something he constantly has to strive for. Something that gives him a sense of accomplishment… And at end, give him something to be pround of it”.

– Leo’s Mom –

“We tried a couple different places, but we really like Martial Arts International because it is so positive.

Everyone here is really encouraging.

– Aiden’s Mom –

Now, something worth mentioning....

like with anything, Martial Arts in not for every child.

9 time or 10, parents do find that Martial Arts International is the perfect fit for their children.,
But in the 1 situation of 10 where it's simpy not a great fit...

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Get Our Class
Schedule, Prices and
Web Specials!

.... and Get Our FREE
Report "Building Child's

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**We hate spammers as much as you. We will never share your information with anyone, ever!

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