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Personal Training Program

Personal training program is a great alternative available to busy individuals or a small group of people.

Martial Arts International - Personal Training Program

The desire to study an martial art style might be there for you but your schedule just won’t allow you to do the training on a regular basis. Sometimes you just might prefer to be trained in a personal level instead of attending regular classes with a bunch of people. Maybe you might enjoy training at a very specific time and day that works best for you and/or your family. Maybe you are a group of individuals who just want to take a self-defense course or martial arts topic instead of joining our school. If this is the case, PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM is right for you!

Personal Training subjects can vary depending on your goal. Martial Arts can help you stay in shape while learning how to defend yourself. It can help you study a particular subject matter in a given style. Let’s say for example you would like to know more about sword fighting, stick fighting, knife fighting and ground fighting. You will literally have to enroll in different schools that teach these styles just to learn it! Maybe you just want to learn some basic self-defense fighting techniques specific for your given profession. Let’s say you are a security guard, maybe a police officer, military personnel or a manager that has to deal with difficult individuals. Studying a martial arts style may not be the option for you. If so, Personal training program is the answer for you!

Martial Arts International - Personal Training ProgramWith personal training program, your schedule will be what is convenient for you.
With personal training program, the subject matter is whatever you want it to be.
With personal training program, the goals will be set based on what you would like to “personally” accomplish.
With personal training program, results are guaranteed to happen and can be measured with consistency, commitment and dedication in your part.
With personal training program, THE PROGRAM IS YOUR PERSONAL PROGRAM!


1. Mixed Martial Arts Fitness – Learn how to properly execute mixed martial arts techniques for fitness and strength building! Techniques include all the mix martial arts techniques you will see when a fighter fights in the UFC cage fighting. The goal is fitness through mix martial arts non-contact exercises!

2. Boxing Techniques – Learn how to use your hands like professional boxers do in the ring. Not only will u be able to learn the proper execution of jab, cross, hook and upper cut, you will also learn how to apply proper footwork guaranteed to help you land those strikes a lot faster and stronger!

3. Kicking Dynamics – Learn different kind of kicking techniques and execute them properly. You will be able to use these kicking combinations as self-defense techniques but most importantly, you will sweat while applying the techniques on a moving target. This program is guaranteed to strengthen your legs and tone your lower body!

4. Kickboxing – Get some gloves on and practice effective kickboxing techniques with a personal trainer. Shred some pounds and increase your flexibility while doing so! A combination of kicking and punching techniques guarantees a total body work-out. Train with a professional and feel like a professional fighter in no time!

5. Flexibility and Speed Exercises – Kicking and striking techniques will be used on a target. The focus of the training is to increase your speed by properly studying take offs and landings of each technique. Increase your speed and improve your flexibility for effective and productive you with this program!

6. Special Needs Special People – this program is designed for individuals with physical, verbal and mental limitations. Working with a group of people will only bring frustrations and will result in decreased confidence. Martial Arts program is a great way to channel that energy and use it accordingly to what you can do as an individual. Unfortunately, even martial arts classes can be overwhelming to some. Personal Training Program is a great program that is right for you. Working with a specific goal, on a regular basis, with the same instructor (for consistency), will guarantee results and achievements you never thought possible!

7. How to deal with a bully – Perfect program for some children getting bullied in school. The program is based on different levels and combined with verbal, mental and physical training! – – A definite must for children that has been bullied and or getting affected by it tremendously that it affects their grades and outlook in life!

8. Rape Escape and Defenses – Perfect program for a woman or group of women who needs education and knowledge on this subject matter. This is also an excellent program for girls who are going away for college or teen agers who start exploring the word of dating. Moms and daughters have taken this program together and had a lot of fun. This is a definite must for women who can only invest a small amount of time with their love ones. Take this as a topic and you will be glad you did!


The Self-defense Do’s and Don’ts! – Learn the must in self-defense and study a Self-Defense program based on your attributes! Topics are well-selected and techniques are adjusted and personally modified to work with your strength and your ability.

10 Things You Must Know About Filipino Martial Arts! – Study the Most Effective and Practical Form of Weaponry – The Sticks and the Knife! Find out why this martial art system of weaponry translates into the most effective form of hand to hand fighting in today’s world!

The 10 Most Effective Self-defense Techniques Everyone Must Know! – A program designed for individuals that don’t think they have what it takes to defend themselves. These techniques are guaranteed to open your eyes and will give you the increased confidence needed to execute them if the time comes. These techniques are not based on anybody’s strength and coordination levels!

How to Utilize a Walking Cane for Self-Defense! – Perfect for anybody traveling all the time. Canes are still allowed to be carried even in the airports through the security. Learn how to properly use this simple tool to defend yourself if you have to.

Personal training sessions are conducted in one of our martial arts schools located in Bellevue or West Omaha. You will be working one on one with Master Melegrito and the schedule will be at a time convenient for both of you.

Please keep in mind that minor students under the age of 18, must be accompanied by a guardian or a parent during all Personal Training Sessions.

To schedule your one on one introductory personal training class, please click the link below. After purchasing the Personal Training Intro Session, you will get a phone call personally from Martial Arts International office to discuss your primary goal and schedule your Personal Training Session.

Marial Arts International - Personal Training Program