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Women’s M.U.S.T Defense

What is Women’s M.U.S.T. Program?

Martial Arts International - Women M.U.S.T Defense

The M.U.S.T. program is a personal safety and self-defense program developed with “women” in mind. It was specifically designed to work for virtually anyone (universal) under any conditions, regardless of size, sex, age or strength. It requires very little training and is very easy to use. It’s a complete safety-training program that addresses not only self-defense but also how to assess verbal threats to avoid potential problems and prevent you from becoming a victim.


“Fast and Easy to Learn!”

The MUST program is so simple and can be learned easily. You can learn the THREE levels for as little as 8 hours and have real self-defense knowledge in no time. The professional environment is relaxed, comfortable and non-threatening. There will be no bowing, no uniforms to wear, no sparring, boards to break and no hard acrobatic kicks to learn. Just down to earth self-defense training and safety information that could save your life. Time is important to every one and we know that not everybody have 5 years to spend…. So we compress years into hours. Teaching only 100% Self-Defense that every individual should know and techniques that works!


“Custom Designed Just For You!”

Martial Arts International - Women M.U.S.T Defense

The MUST Course was specifically adapted to busy professional. The class is designed to be fast, fun, and most enlightening, giving you real skills and knowledge for dealing with the serious problem of crime and personal safety. The M.U.S.T program is designed to give you proven techniques and fit comfortably into your buy schedule.


Below Are Some of the Things You Will Learn in the Women M.U.S.T. Program:

  • Travel Safety
  • Risk reduction
  • Dealing with Multiple attackers
  • Car, Home, School and Work Safety
  • Rape Escapes and Defenses
  • Self-Defense and the Law
  • What to do when confronted verbally and physically.
  • Learn some of the easiest maneuvers and most effective strikes to disable an attacker (more than just kneeing somebody)
  • Why punching is NOT the safest and most effective way of striking an attacker.
  • Different ways to get out of common holds and attacks like bear hugs, chokes, arm grabs, tackle, etc.
  • The best way to stand when talking your way out!
  • What to do and NOT to do when you land on your back, how to or use your position to your advantage and how how to properly get up at the right time.
  • Practical ways to get out of any common attacks on the ground!
  • How to drop even a bigger and stronger attacker!
  • How to improvise weapons to instantly neutralize and attacker
  • Knife and Gun defenses
  • And so much more, guaranteed to increase your confidence and change your LIFE forever!


Here’s What Some Students Have Said About the M.U.S.T. Program:

Master Julius,

Thanks for taking the time to fit me into your busy schedule in so short a time. The lessons were fabulous! I left the last lesson feeling much more prepared for any type of situation I could be confronted with. I particularly enjoyed the situational scenarios that we practiced, which gave me easy and effective tactics to take in those situations. The lessons were well worth the time, most of all because nothing is more important than staying safe and keeping a cool head in difficult situations. I would recommend the M.U.S.T. self defense classes to anyone who feels unsure of them self and their own safety, whether they are in a group of people or alone at night. Thanks again Master Julius!

Best regards,
– Sarah Brownell –

Mr. Melegrito,
Thank you for allowing my younger daughter participate in the MUST class. As a parent, it is very important for me to make sure that she knows how to particularly deal with these types situations if she has to. The environment was so positive and we both learned a lot. I highly recommend this class to others especially teens and college girls that don’t have a lot of time to do martial arts programs.

Thank you again!

— – Joanne Wells – –

Martial Arts International Team,
Thank you for coming over and doing the class at our facility. All the ladies had a great time! We feel better walking out in the parking lot now. The red man suit definitely made it for us! Being able to practice on a real moving human being really gave us a realistic training and experience we will never forget!
Thank you again and I hope the guy in the red suit is okay 🙂

– Allyson S –

What is M.U.S.T Stand For?
M.U.S.T Stands for Melegrito’s Universal Self-Defense Training

Martial Arts International - Women M.U.S.T Defense

Why M.U.S.T?

Martial Arts International - Women M.U.S.T Defense All women MUST learn how to protect themselves. It is commonly neglected topic by some for various reasons. The statement “this will never happen to me or my daughter” is something we should forget and learn from. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where bad things do happen to good people. Although we cannot control the bad situations, we always have a choice to control the outcome. It is important to keep ourselves and or loved ones educated and equipped with the knowledge the can be used just in case it happens. How we react to certain things can result in an outcome we could regret for life. We MUST learn how to react, how to respond, and how to take advantage of opportunity given to us. Lack of time is not an excuse, lack of money is not acceptable. Everything is of value. It’s just a matter of how much value ones want to give to self-protection. Sometimes it is too late, we must take actions now while we can, when we can.
The M.U.S.T. program is designed to just do that! To provide you with the self-defense knowledge in the short possible amount of time invested into it. Melegrito used his experience and lifetime knowledge in self-defense and martial arts field to put together the M.U.S.T program to help women in search of this self-defense necessity. This program is made with women in mind!


“If I were to teach my daughter and my wife the best self-defense

techniques I have learned in years, what would I teach them?

This is the program I came up with and develop with that question in mind.”
– Julius Melegrito –


Who is Julius Melegrito

Master Julius Melegrito is the founder of Martial Arts International schools in Bellevue and West Omaha Nebraska. He is a Black Belt Magazine’s 2011 Hall of Fame Member and was featured on the front cover of June 2012 Black Belt Magazine issue – the biggest and prestigious martial arts magazine in the world!


Guro Julius Melegrito is also the founder of the Philippine Martial Arts Alliance – an international organization devoted to the self -defense systems of his homeland. He has traveled as far as Austria, Switzerland, Ireland,Germany; Australia, England, Russia and Japan promoting his unique system of self defense to civilians, martial artists and military personnel’s.

In addition to his knowledge of Philippine Martial Arts, Melegrito has also
achieved several black belt levels in Korean martial arts including
4th degree in Tae Kwon Do, 4th degree in Tang Soo Do and 3rd degree in Hapkido.


Martial Arts International - Women M.U.S.T Defense