Mountain View "It's not just a skill or a sport... it's an attitude. They learn good character traits and discipline here."
Allison & Silas Mom
Mountain View "The people who worked here [are] hands-on. They care more about the students and how they were doing instead of just passing them on."
Blaze's Dad
Mountain View "My son is autistic and has ADHA... When we first started coming here... he was running around like crazy, grabbing the curtains, and bouncing off the walls. Now he does really good... He [sits] crisscross apple sauce with his hands on his knees and waits for the instructors."
Nathan's Mom
Mountain View "I've seen her come out of her shell... she's a little more outgoing and a lot more self-confident."
Kayla's Mom
Mountain View "It's something he constantly has to strive for. Something that gives him a sense of accomplishment... And at the end, gives hime something to be proud of."
Leo's Mom
Mountain View "We tried a couple different places, but we really liked Martial Arts International because it is so positive. Everyone here is really encouraging."
Aidan's Mom
Mountain View "When I walked in here, just the smiles on all the students faces... this was the place we needed to be. Everyone was having fun, but it was still structured and that made us feel like home."
Raegan's Dad
Mountain View "He's a lot more confident in himself, he's not as shy. He's done a lot more at home without being told. I really enjoy that change in him."
Ethan's Mom
Mountain View "She has a very abrasive personality, and can come across as a bully sometimes. And because of coming here... and learning what a bully is, it's completely changes who she is. now she makws sure that other kids aren't being bullied. I's awesome."
Josy's Mom

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