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Martial Arts International Success Stories


MAI is the greatest thing I’ve ever done for my son. At 4 years old he was shy and didn’t respond well to men. Since taking this class, in just a few short months, he has become a completely different kid. He is outgoing and responds well to everyone. They don’t just focus on fighting, they teach your children discipline, focus, and respect for everyone. Each of the instructors have shown an enormous amount of patience and understanding when dealing with each child. I couldn’t ask for a better place to enroll my son. I’m looking forward to placing my youngest in the class. Not only has the class taught my son, it has taught me patience, understanding, and how to direct my children. Absolutely love it here!

Gabriel Parnell


Where do I begin? Martial arts has always been a part of me, no matter how much I may have neglected it over the years. I’m not talking about a few years either, but rather several decades. I have always been the type that is never satisfied with seeing others display “awe inspiring kicks.” I had to be able to do it as well. After initially studying Tae Kwon Do as a kid, I stopped and took up other interests. I decided to put martial arts behind a shelf to collect dust. However, i knew that one day I will once again attain it and polish it. I attempted studying Wushu back in early 2000, but it just didn’t feel the same. Whether the fire wasn’t there, or the kinship just didn’t have the bond it needed, I quit after 6 months. I thought i would be able to give up martial arts for good at the time. However, as luck would have it – In 7 November 2014, I paid a random visit to MAI, not to inquire about possibly joining, but to make an impulse purchase on a pair of training nunchakus. Ms. Cher was kind of enough to accommodate me despite the fact that it was in the middle of a session. A few questions later, she asked if I wanted a “trial lesson” and i guess you could say, I totally forgot about my primary objective. Little did I know that, my passion would once again be kick started. Whether it’s fate, or destiny – I am glad glad to be a part of MAI. Master Melegrito (and his very impressive arsenal) has definitely helped me tap into a part of myself which only needed a little bit of push to be rekindled. Although it is up to the individual to hone their own skills, he and the fellow instructors definitely provide the tools to help you get there. Perhaps one day, I will consider expanding into the Philippine Combatives. I have never seen anyone move 2 sticks the way Master Melegrito has.



MAI is wonderful! I have been a member at the West Omaha school for about four months and I really have to say that the teachers there are just incredible. Ms. Damera and Master Thomas have so much knowledge and are very patient and skilled in teaching the students. I, myself; have benefited so much with their direction and their patience while teaching me the skills that I need to advance. Always helpful, always encouraging, and always teaching in a way that just makes learning so much fun!
I really feel as if I can think of MAI as a second ‘home’ and the staff a second ‘family’.
MAI rocks!!!!!!!



Martial Arts International is the only place to be when it comes to studying martial arts. The Instructors are well-rounded, professional and fun. The quality of instruction is compare to none and my classmates are the kind of people I like to be around with – positive, nice people with no ego and full of encouragements!

Martial Arts International rocks!


I wanted to say thank you for all that you’ve done for Brody so far. This program has truly touched our whole family. Brody has grown so much in just the couple months that he’s been there. He has NO quit, NO excuses and in his (& our) mind, NO disability. Martial Arts International has given him the confidence he needs to succeed. We love the programs that you have in place and use them in our everyday routine. I can’t wait to see what the future holds! Thank you!

The joy on his face in the below pictures says it all! He is so proud…and we are over the moon proud! 🙂

I have always HATED the word “disability”. Initially, I struggled to find the ‘right’ words when trying to explain what Brody was born with. The Webster definition of ‘Disability’ is this: : “a condition (such as an illness or an injury) that damages or limits a person’s physical or mental abilities.” The word that sticks out to me is, LIMITS. I disagree with this! The ONLY limit lies within your mind. The ONLY disability is a bad attitude. Now, when I explain Brody’s FH (Fibular Hemimelia), there’s NO hesitation when I use the word ‘blessing’ instead of disability.

“Sometimes the things that we can’t change end up changing us.”
Let Brody be a reminder that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. You have NO limits! Do NOT quit!
Most of all remember, “Sometimes the things we take for granted are the things that someone else is praying for…”

Megan Linnell – one proud mom!


Training at Martial Arts International has been an experience of a lifetime for me. I get top-level training from the instructors and I’m now capable of techniques that I never dreamed I would be able to do. It’s really due to the instruction and training from Martial Arts International that I was able to get my first win in Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Competition (MMA).

Thank you Martial Arts International for everything and I hope to bring the school a championship / title belt sometime soon!

Zach Hughes


The Instructors at Martial Arts International are serious and skill/task oriented, but they still take time to have fun and joke around with the kids, too! That creates a positive and successful learning experience. I also like the fact that they maintain high expectations for the kids and constantly work at raising their confidence.

R. Olson


At Martial Arts International, I really like the camaraderie that the school fosters. Helping each other to improve!

V. Estes


As Lailie’s mother, I have seen so many improvements since we enrolled her at Martial Arts International. She is normally a timid, shy, under-spoken, extremely quiet, and has never stood up for herself. Since starting this class, she has learned to be more vocal, she is proud of what she has accomplished all by herself, and she is learning how to defend herself. It makes me so proud to see her get out there with her classmates and learn right along with them.

There should be a class for toddlers. Martial Arts International teaches discipline to all the other students along with respect and listening. My two year old needs to learn those things as well )

Mrs. Silver


Martial Arts International is really organized in everything they do. They are always on time and communicate well with their students and parents. The great part is … the teachers have a great attitude towards teaching!

C. Aguilar


Tae Kwon Do at Martial Arts International has been an excellent experience for me. My endurance, coordination and physical health are significantly better than they were before. In addition to that it is an outstanding mental boost after a stressful day at work. The camaraderie of the students and faculty have me looking forward to class each and every time and I enjoy every minute of it!

Phil Cring


Martial arts and Martial Arts International are an important part of our family. However, it didn’t start out that way. Three years ago my wife and I were looking for motor skills and focus help for our oldest daughter. Sports like soccer didn’t work for her and school wasn’t doing enough. All it took was one visit to Martial Arts International and we signed up both of our daughters. Right from the beginning we felt that Martial Arts International wanted to be part of our daughters’ growth and development. But our family martial arts experience didn’t stop. After a few months of watching our daughters improve their confidence and physical abilities, my wife convinced me that I could also begin the journey to Black Belt. Just because I was over 50 years old, out of shape, and overweight didn’t mean that I had to sit on the sidelines and only watch. To make the training even more fun, she decided to join me. Now the entire family enjoys the benefits of an active lifestyle and the friendship that’s part of Martial Arts International.

Steve Lamb

The Lamb Family


Martial Arts International has and is a big part of our lives. Anna, Steven and myself have come to appreciate all the hard work our martial arts school has put into its self to provide the highest of teaching quality for all of us. Through our four-year experience from white belt to black belt, it has never been a dull moment and we look forward to many more years as black belts at Martial Arts International. Master Melegrito and associate teachers are always positive and fun to be around, in turn makes all the challenges a great experience. As a parent of two students, I have had the privilege of watching my kids mature physically and in personality because of martial arts positive effect on them. Because of this, it has been easy to train at home as a family activity and really enjoy each other’s unique abilities. I can write on and on about all the cool things that we have experienced at Martial Arts International, but people need to come see for them self. All credit is due to Master Melegrito, he has teaching abilities and experience beyond anybody I have ever been around. He can pull the greatness out of anybody.

Vince Serratore And Family

You have taught me so many things, some of which have helped me become a stronger person not only physically but mentally. Master Julius, you have given me the confidence to believe in myself and to be the very best I can be at anything I try. You have taught me to respect others as well as how to control my emotions by always thinking and being positive. I love going to martial arts and all of my instructors, thank you for everything you have done to help me become a better person.

Jeff Morris

I would like to pass on my thanks and congratulations for such a successful program. My son, has made good progress towards our initial goals since starting at Martial Arts International. His focus and confidence improved a great deal. In fact, his confidence level went through the roof when he broke the board. The look on his face was a kodak moment.

Again, I would like to thank you for what you do. I’ve never seen anyone as effective with children as you are–all ages. Michael respects you a great deal–he’s like a different person when he’s in your class. We are hoping it spreads to his personal life.

Tom Whalen

In the time Callie has been attending MAI her confidence has increased dramatically. She is more self assured in everything she does. She loves MAI and really enjoys the time she spends here as well as all the friends she has made. Thank you MAI!

Paula Harper

Martial arts International is a great place to learn self confidence and discipline. When I sent my son there, he started focusing more in school, taking care of responsibilities, and became more self confident. This couldn’t of course be done without the friendly, knowledgeable instructors. Martial Arts International provides a safe, friendly environment for kids to make friends, and to learn various styles of Martial Arts. It would probably be difficult to learn martial arts, without the proper equipment and Martial Arts International has the right equipment for any kind of lesson. Another great thing about Martial Arts International, are the graduation ceremonies. They are fun for the kids and to watch them show what they have learned over the 3-4 months of training. These are only some of the great benefits of going to Martial Arts International.

Tammi Begeman

Since Kelvin has started at MAI his independence, respect, problem solving, and communication skills have all dramatically increased. He is growing into one of the best behaved and well mannered children I have known.

Chris Clay

My son has become a leader in our neighborhood and at school. He has earned respect from peers and adults alike. I’ve been told the best compliment a parent can get, “Your son is the most respectful child I know.”

James S. Riley

Our entire family is benefiting greatly from our Martial Arts experience! Both of our children exhibit greater self esteem and are excelling in school. Martial Arts is a fabulous way to bring our family together. Thank you MAI!

Laura Petry


Samantha and Nicholas both have exhibited better concentration skills overall and confidence in what they do. They love attending class, and learning new skills. MAI also encourages them to become all they can be in all they do.

Teresa Kabourek

The instructors foster self-esteem and self-confidence in the students. They also encourage respect among each other as well as other aspects of life. Not only do they stress physical development. I recommend MAI without any reservations whatsoever!

Frank Doyle

Martial Arts International has changed my life forever. I have the confidence and energy to accomplish anything I put my mind to.

Brad Wirth

I have studied Martial arts for a lifetime. MAI has the greatest staff and instructors that I have ever worked with!

Mark Thomas

Martial Arts International is a family-oriented facility that provides an environment of opportunity to be a well rounded person with sound moral ethics. MAI provides an atmosphere of belonging, which is important in a society where there seems to be a lack of.

Jill Borcher

The instructors at MAI foster the positive attitudes, self esteem and respect among all students. Diversity of skill and age ar welcome, and students are encouraged to help each other. The overall environment is positive and makes the challenge of martial arts fun and motivating.

Allyson Heller

MAI has helped develop many aspects and outlooks of my sons life. I am thankful for the positive perception my son now sees for his future.

Nikole Carns

I’m glad I signed Liam up for Tae Kwon Do. It’s all he ever talks about. I wish my parents had signed me up at that age.

Tracy McClarnon



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