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Training our children early is not a bad idea, especially when both your parents are instructors! 🙂

Josie - Lil Dragons Program.

"She has a very abrasive personality and can come across as a bully sometimes. And because of coming here, and learning about what a bully is... it's completely changed who she is. Now she makes sure that other kids aren't bullied. It's awesone." - Josy's Mom -

Mr. Aidan - Youth Program at Martial Arts International

It's amazing when a child starts speaking with excitement and confidence while mom sometimes just watched with joy 🙂 We will miss you Mr. Aidan. You guys will always be part of Martial Arts International family.

Attention!!! Learn these simple techniqes before your next flight 🙂

MartiAL Arts International Self-Defense Workshop

Self-Defense Workshop Using "Common Objects" - A must-attend fundraising event for Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you for your support Register or donate at

Hope our parents are all having a great time "away" from the kids. They are all safe and having a blast here 🙂 They will be "full" (we ordered a lot of pizzas) and tired when they get home 🙂 Happy Valentine's Day Parents!

To all the the Daddies and Mommies out there... educate our children on this special day. ❤❤❤

Brody's parents talked about the challenge they faced with him since birth. Thank you for sharing this great information we can all benefit from.

Mrs. Olsen joining the Zatorskis. 5 am group lesson club 🙂 Awesome job today everyone!

Amazing 75-year old showing some double stick fighting warm-ups! Mr. Hall doing some private lessons to achieve another one of his goals in life. Truly an inspiration to us all. What's your excuse?

Achieving a black belt goal begins with one kick at a time... at 5 am in the morning. What's your excuse?

Finishing up the family's 5 am private lesson with some basic weapon twirlings 🙂

Early morning training with the Zatorkis 🙂

Padded Long Stick Sparring. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Michaelangelo in the house!!!

Listen to those walls shake!